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Banana OG is an indica-dominant hybrid created by the cross of OG Kush and Banana Kush. This means that this strain is the product of two distant cousins within the Kush family being interbred, designed to create a potent mixture of banana-tinged kush.

Banana OG is commonly known as “creeper,” due to its tendency to slowly creep on you after first imbibing it. In contrast to many other powerful strains, where the effects are noticeable almost immediately, this strain can you leave you feeling like nothing has happened and that your bud must be somehow defective.

This commonly leads to people smoking even more, possibly thinking that they have some kind of magical tolerance, only to then suddenly realize that their weed is actually effective after all. Then, all of a sudden, you realize you have smoked way, way too much.

Even if you have only smoked a reasonable amount, the eventual high will hit you intensely strongly, affecting both your mind and your body all at once. Though it is commonly referred to as an indica due to its 60% indica content, Banana OG’s hybrid qualities are very noticeable as you realize that the high is affecting seemingly every single part of your

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