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Bay 11 is a Grand Daddy Purple produced strain, is a High Times Cannabis Cup winner that has powerful sativa strain with unspecified genetics. Its solid, pale buds are covered in amber resin with a sweet, fruity aroma that starts immediate relaxation. A popular strain for patients demanding daytime relief, it relieves pain while boosting appetite. Best bay 11 for Sale is also available in many online websites.

This Strain  also has a rich and fruity taste to go along with its piney flavor, like how it smells. The strain`s smoke is rich and smooth with a citrusy aftertaste. The strain is a pleasure to use as it is smooth on the throat and the lungs. The euphoric and uplifting buzz created by Bay 11 strain, as well as its full-body relaxation, is more than proficient in swinging the mood. For the few hours of its effects, the users can find calmness and comfort as well as think of positivity.

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Because it enhances Perception, it not only assist people to feel ease , but also help the people who are feeling anxiety or depression to come out of that environment and try to live “in the moment” as happily/relax as possible. There are some people who suffers from attention deficit disorder , so being helpful in sustaining them focus , it allows them to work more efficiently. It can also be called as Strong Appetite Stimulant. To “Buy Bay 11 Strain” may not be a good choice for the people struggling with serious anxiety because its initial feeling of ” mindrace” may lead to Paranoia.

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Before assisting you out with where to “Buy bay 11 Kush Strain” and “Bay 11 Weed Strain for Sale“, let inform you about the effects Bay 11 Kush strain have-: Bay 11’s effects takes quick hold with initial tingle in Neck and Facial Muscles. You may notice the user to be more chatty if surrounded my friends/family. If not too chatty, than definitely to be More Observant. Thinking more deeply and deliberately about the things that might go otherwise un-noticed. Such brain effect is matched with uptick in mood. This kind of balance between Mind and Body may allow user to open up their minds to become more Creative and Analytical Thinker. It may also be great for tasks that involve Mental and Physical  co-ordination, like video games , exercise and sex. You would be amazed that Bay 11 has also won recognition, for its funky taste and balanced effect. It took the first prize in the sativa category of 2011 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup and even was given high marks by Genetic Testing Services.

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Where to buy bay 11 weed strain?

Looking for a robust but energizing bud? Award-winning Bay 11 cannabis is a sativa hybrid with a positive outlook. BudweedOnline is the place to by weed.
Are you prepared for a significant mood lift? The Bay 11 cannabis strain provides a stimulating high that is both interesting and laser-focused. This strain is genuinely top-shelf deserving due to its potency, which can reach a THC content of up to 25%. This strain is a midday hybrid that’s worth the additional money because of its high yield and distinctive berry-diesel flavor.

Bay 11 strain genetics

This marijuana strain, which won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, has a stunning blossom. This potent plant, bred by Ken Estes of Grand Daddy Purp, has lanky, somewhat bulbous buds that are heavily covered in silver trichome crystals.
The strain is well-known for expressing up to 25% of the psychoactive THC. Although those who have used cannabis before may adore this flower, large amounts of this plant have been known to trigger headaches and anxiety.
This plant’s seeds might be sold online.


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