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Before helping you to Buy banana kush strain or buy Banana kush let me acknowledge you with What is Banana kush?

Short Description-: Banana Kush is an Indica dominant strain that smells and tastes like the name suggests – a smooth blend of bananas and good Kush. Providing a potent Indica body high, which starts with laziness leading to complete sedation. Many will find it hard to stay awake after 2-3 hits taken an hour or two before bed. Banana Kush contains some of the cerebral effects of a Sativa, including mood elevation and a powerful feeling of euphoria. However, it also comes with common minor side effects such as dry mouth and eyes, occasional dizziness, paranoia and headaches.

Content of Banana kush -:It contains the hybrids of two well known strains i.e Og Khush of West Coast and Skunk Haze. This Indica Dominant strain contains 60:40 ratio of Indica and Sativa. The THC level of banana kush is 18-25%, on the other hand CBD level is around 0.1%. To Elevate their mood, people you finds it difficult to manage their PTSD or Depression can count on Banana kush CBC content. This smoke carries a solid potency of fruit-ness and can be enjoyed while sitting or walking. It can  also provide Introspective experience to the patient, being of a talk able nature.

                                               BANANA Strain PRICE

Banana kush price differs from each other in different corners of the world. But it usually ranges from 190$ to 1500$ as per the quantity ordered by the customer and by the mixture with which it is made. It rates is usually distributed in terms of ounce and pounds.

Pricing -: It may vary from site to site in online platform, and country to country as per there import and export duites.

1/2 ounce for $190, 1 ounce for $295,  1/8 pound for $500,  1/4 pound for $780,  1/2 pound for $990,  1 pound for $1510

You can even purchase Banana kush for Sale or in very Optimum  price from many authentic online sites in Google.

                                                                BANANA KUSH REVIEW

These are some of the customers  Banana kush review -:

Check out-: for authenticity

1. Lawrence Waller  

Awesome strain! Smells and tastes great.

Rated 4 out of 5

2. Gideon May  

The taste was amazing n the buds were beautiful so I give 4 stars cuz it was what I expected n I deff wasn’t let down after this purchase. It was a little pricey but it was worth it n I enjoyed this tasty bud with a buddy of mine

3. Steve Orleans  

Love the strains another homerun BMWO keep getting the best ??

4. Evelyn Goodwin  

The best, tastiest, smooth plant I ever grew was Banana Kush!!! LOVE it!!!

5. Kwabena Woodcock  

I never knew my delivery would be this fast. I recieved my package in 1 day. Would recommend you to opened a dispensary here GA. Thanks for keeping the trust.

6. Mehmet Payne  

Banana Kush I got was about 27%. One of the higher the levels ive seen in my dispensary. You would think it would knock you out but I found I could use it any time of the day and function just fine. It will definitely relax you and couch lock will set in if you let it. I found it great to rip to with my headphones on. Helps .sleep for all you insomniacs. All in all a nice buzzzz.

7.Beck Wallis  

One of the best product for Chronic Pain. Banana kush for sale, yet provides you immense happiness  I love this company would order here every month. Thanks for my product

8.Codey Oconnell  

Well, it’s a good but but it did not smell as a banana. The free gram that I was sent along whit my order was actually aaaa+a and way better way.

9. Ishan Uniyal  – March 30, 2021

Well banana kush weed for sale in your site made my made, i am really happy with your service and discount.

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