LA Kush Carts





This Los Angeles prefilled cartridge company has developed some ultra high-quality cannabis oil. The THC oil is a beautiful clear yellow color.

The best thing is the lab results are available for most of their cartridges. Their test results reflect high percentages of THC found in their refined hash oil. The average percentage is about 98%.

Lab results also indicate their cannabis extract oil is clean. I was able to get my hands on their LA Kush strain, and until this day, it was the best tasting vape cannabis flavor I had experienced.

Its all about picking out the right amount of terpenes and cannabis oil. It’s crucial the distillate or CO2 oil isn’t cut with too many terpenes which will result in diluted strength.

The high comes fast and stays for a long time.

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10 carts, 15 carts, 20 carts, 25 carts, 5 carts

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