Red Dragon





It is a sativa dominant hybrid that provides users with an array of incredible effects.  Red Dragon is extremely sweet and spicy marijuana known for its propensity to keep you stoned for several hours. Its THC level may not be at the absolute top of the spectrum, but it is potent enough to cause problems for novices and intermediates.

Red Dragon is very much a happy strain, and it makes you feel upbeat and energetic like you can achieve almost anything at that moment. However, even though its THC content is not quite as high as other strains, Red Dragon is a very potent strain, so your experience depends heavily on the amount you use. If you use the right amount, it can provide you with a creative spark so consider using it before a brainstorming session. It is a potentially excellent way to elevate your mood.

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1/2 Pound, 1/4 Pound, Ounce, Pound

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